Q1: What kind of patients/problems do you see in your practice?

I am an adult psychiatrist and psychopharmacologist with special interest in mood and psychotic disorders (e.g. Bipolar or Schizophrenia). I offer evaluation and treatment services to patients 18 and older. I also offer specialized consultations to patients with concurrent neuroogical problems.

Q2: Can you see me for medications if I am currently seeing another therapist?

Yes. I am glad to meet with you for medication consultation and management sessions if you are concurrently seeing another psychotherapist. In fact, more than half of my current patients are referred my their therapist. Please email me or call 310-744-5102 for more information.

Q3: How soon can I be seen, I really need help.

My policy is to see patients within two business days and often the same day, as needed. Evening and weekend appointments are also available for urgent evaluations.

Q4: How long will I need treatment and how often will you need to see me?

You never "need" to be in treatment. The care I provide is designed to improve your quality of life. You should only want to remain in treatment as long as you are getting meaningful benefits from it. Unfortunately, there is no simple answer to how long this will last. It is high specific to each individual and is determined by the nature and severity of symptoms. For example, patients suffering from panic attacks may require only a few months of psychotherapy while an individual with schizophrenia should probably remain on thier medications for life. After the initial evaluation, I am usually able to give a much better idea of what durtion of treatment would be optimal.

Q5: How much does treatment cost and how can I pay for it?

My rates are comparable to those of other adult psychiatrists in the Santa Monica Area and the standard fee-for-service rates charged at the UCLA psychiatry clinics. I do not participate in Medicare, Medi-cal or any other insurance plans and as such, I am considered an "out of network" provider by most plans. However, if you have a PPO type insurance plan I can provide you with a "superbill" to submit to your insurance company for reimbursement of services. For your convenience I accept credit cards (Master Card, Visa, American Express and Discover), checks or cash as payment. To get a better understanding of my fees please contact me directly at 310-744-5102.

Q6: Will my treatment information be kept confidential?

Yes. I will not discuss information about you with others without your consent except as required by law – i.e. situations where the patient is either an imminent danger to themselves or others. Please see the Policies section of this site for further details.

Q7: Can you perscribe Suboxone to treat my addiction to perscription painkillers?

Yes. If you have developed a dependence on perscription or recreational opiate I can see you for either ongoing maintenance or detox. Please see the Suboxone section of this site for further details. If you have any other questions, or to schedule an appointment please contact me directly at 310-744-5102.

Q8: I have taken ritalin/amphetamines for years to treat ADHD without any problems. If I start seeing you will I have to change medications?

No, unless your initial visit reveals that the medicaiton is doing you active harm.

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